MLS Professional Business Edition

Advanced Multilingual Business Suite, Professional Edition, Win & Mac Comp. Business Package, Version 10.4.1

OFFER PRICE: € 965.00
MLS Professional Business Edition

MLS Professional Business Edition

Get ahead of the competition and increase your business potential with our advanced multilingual suite!

Research has proven that customers are more likely to start a business relationship with companies that can communicate in their native language. When shopping online, companies are also more likely to buy products through a shop that advertises in their native language or offers a translation service.

Our diverse business package has been prepared by language experts in their respected fields with great care and attention on multilingual issues. New versions and languages are frequently available through automatic online updates keeping the package up to date with new business language and procedures.

Once you start using the tool the results are instant, you can see the results as you type! That means you don’t need to wait around for slow search engines to translate your text. You can also search easily and instantly between multiple languages, so you benefit from seeing many different language translations at the click of a button!


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